Rendition of Batangas Lomi-Batchoi, but this time he make it Super! – Super Batchoi

So what makes it SUPER? Lets start with the soup broth or GYUKUTSU soup based, derived from continues boiling of pork and beef bones until its creamy and thick, mix and topped with ox stripe/oxskin, plus a slice of “Chasyu” over the luscious Ramen noodles (not the usual local noodles). And we’re not over yet, then spiced with “Layo” a japanese term for chill oil, sprinkled with Chili Powder to add more zest to it. And to top it all ”Black garlic oil” or “Black mayo” is also added, which according to experts contains more antioxidants than fresh garlic that also improves the “umami” or taste of Chef Benjie- sans new creation, SUPER BATCHOi RAMEN!Super Batchoi