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The Birth of Oishi Batchoi
Ramen is a staple product in Japan. The traditional way of preparing the broth
or Ramen soup is by boiling pork, chicken and beef bones for at least 18 hours.
Some spices are added to enhance the taste. The Ramen soup can be added
with either Shio (salt), or Shoyu (soy sauce), or Miso (soybean paste).Miso is
the most popular and with health benefits among the three variants.
This knowledge on making delicious Ramen soup, made Chef Benjie-san
realize his dream. He concocted his own version of Batchoy, by emulating the
meticulous way of preparing broth, the Japanese way, He used Japanese Miso
(soybean paste), giving the soup not only a sweet and savory taste, but also
with tons of health benefits. The Miso soup is topped with the usual flare of
pork liver, crushed pork cracklings or chicharon, fresh egg and roasted garlic.
To give Batchoy a Japanese twist, Chasyu or roast pork is used instead of
ordinary pork, with Naruto or Fish cake. To complete the toppings,
freshly-made Ramen or egg noodles is added, instead of ordinary noodles.
A new genre of Batchoy is created! After tasting his new creation, Chef Benjie
can’t help it but exclaimed, “Oishi!”, a Japanese term for delicious. And having
said that, he came up with an idea to call his new restaurant “OISHI BATCHOI”.
The “Y” in Batchoy is replaced with “I”, to give distinction to his new brainchild.
His love and passion for food is now paying off with the birth of this original
product, a well-loved BATCHOY with a Japanese twist.BDG_with Batchoi